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These Are the Breaks

January 20, 2010   On the first day of my internship, my boss asked me where I was living. "One West, down by Battery Park," the answer that I've only just learned to give. She and another Lambda Legal employee then proceeded to tell me just how spectacular these apartments are; when I said that I would never be able to afford to set foot in a place like this ever again, they both - with a refreshing degree of honesty - agreed. These apartments are THAT NICE. (Side note: I will eventually stop using this as a platform to gush about how ridiculously fantastic these apartments are. I promise. Just give me a little while to savor it.)

Speaking of which, I'm officially geeking out over my internship. It's on Wall Street, a solid 10- minute walk from here (which, when compared to all of my roommates' commutes, is so short it's obscene), and I get a security pass and an e-mail account and a computer and, essentially, my own office. I've already attended a department meeting, and I've spent a good deal of my time out of the office quizzing myself about people's names. Since I've only been in for one day - and I know, I'm a little too enthusiastic for being one day in - I'm still figuring out all my responsibilities, but I'm already beyond excited about it.

But right now, I'm about to head over to Whole Foods - I am obsessed with Whole Foods - to grab some dinner. Catch y'all on the subway.