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March 1, 2008   Are you trying to figure out what you know me from? Pondering where you've seen my face before? Scouring the filing cabinets deep in your mind to recall the last time you witnessed my beaming features?

I'll help you out: why, I'm that lucky lady from the Hamilton news page who received (drum roll, please...) a Buffergram!
I'll give you a minute to catch your breath...

On Valentine's Day, I woke up and got dressed at the insistence of a friend that someone would be by soon to drop off important papers. Since all of my apartment mates had class, I had to be up to open the door. Not without a few grouchy comments, I agreed to be ready by 11. It comes as a surprise when there's a knock at the door just after 10. grumble, grumble. A friend of mine who lives on the same floor is banging on the door outside. Clearly he forgot his keys.  I stumble, still PJed, out into the apartment and open the door to a large group of boys who look even more harassed than I felt.

Soon I'm surrounded, there's no place to go and no one around to claim credit for this live-action greeting card. They claimed I have class, style, street knowledge, and that I'm very low-key on the profile. Then as quickly as they had barged into my life, they floated back out into the snow.

I could tell you more, but you can read all about it on the Hamilton News site. Or even better, you can watch "No Diggity" and see just how it all happened.