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Study Abroad Reunion

April 15, 2008   

Last Tuesday my friend Chris Rand and I drove to New York City to witness the spectacle of Ya Ho Wa 13.  The Source family, lead by father Yod, lived a multi-faceted existence as simultaneous restaurateurs, cultists, polygamists and rock stars.  In the early 70's Father Yod's Source Family began to hold guitar and drum freak-outs in a sound-proofed garage after hours of meditation to their god, Yahowa.   They would record the sessions and sell the EPs at The Source restaurant in LA.  Now these records are items of legend and have high value for collectors.  So, when three-members of The Source family (Sunflower, Octavius, and Djin) announced a reunion concert in New York City, I knew I had to be there.  It was too strange an opportunity to pass up. 

Their music was fine.

More importantly, I was able to meet a friend from my study-abroad program in Prague.  Chris, who attended the same program the semester after me, called up some of his friends.  It really demonstrated to me the enduring friendships that study abroad established.  My roommate, Alex and I slipped right back into our old ways, which tends to involve lots of impugning the other's character.  So now, as I approach graduation, my undergraduate experience may not have guaranteed me a job, but it has guaranteed me a full selection of couches on which to sleep.  Networking with fools-at-other-schools is truly priceless.