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Women's Studies Shout Out

January 21, 2010   Right before the end of spring semester last year, I and my fellow women's studies majors of the class of 2011 decided we'd start a tradition. There are only six of us - what's up Preetha, Kate, Ilse, Ciarra and Caitlin! - and since we like to think that we're something of an exclusive clique, we wanted to commemorate it.

After lengthy debate, we settled on the perfect event: the Hamilton College Women's Studies Applebee's Extravaganza! Alright, two of the group couldn't make it, and we've only had one, so the "Extravaganza" label is a little lofty. But we were (and continue to be) very proud of it. We head to the Applebee's in New Hartford - because There's No Place Like the NeighborhoodTM, don't you know - order something big, beefy and greasy, and have some passionate discussions about feminism (specifically as it relates to the Applebee's decor).

All things considered, this was a wildly successful idea. As I passed by an Applebee's while walking around Tribeca today, I felt a certain pang - one that can only be assuaged by some Judith Butler and a dripping-with-liquid-fat cheeseburger. So when I get back, ladies, the tradition will live on!