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Care Packages

April 16, 2012   

One of the best surprises at school is getting an email from the mail center alerting you that there’s a package waiting to be picked up. I got one such email the Friday before Easter. I dropped by the mail center on the way to class and collected the package. I checked the address, saw it was from my parents, and knew instantly that it was an Easter care package.

I didn’t go back to my room until late afternoon, so I spent the day carrying around this package trying to guess what goodies were inside. I tried the shake test—that didn’t work. It turns out the box was lined with that plastic Easter grass stuff, so no wonder it didn’t make any noise when I shook it.

Inside were Skittles, jellybeans, Cadbury eggs, and Reese’s eggs—all of my favorite candy. It couldn’t have come at a better time. I had just gotten an exam back that I didn’t do too hot on, and this package instantly cheered me up.

Make sure when you’re in college that you subtly remind your parents to send you care packages. When you’re talking to them on the phone, just casually drop something like, “my friend just got a package from her parents and she almost cried she was so happy. But her mom’s brownies are nothing compared to yours.” Or my personal favorite, “I tried to make those cookies you always make, but I think I left out an ingredient. I kept telling my friends how good your recipe was, but they seemed a little disappointed with the ones I made.”