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Why Are There So Many People On Campus?

February 23, 2013   

In high school, semesters felt like years. Each week was like running a never-ending marathon, and every grading period felt like a lifetime. College, however, is the complete opposite. It feels like I was back home frantically wrapping Christmas presents just yesterday – and now it’s been pointed out to me that Spring Break is in three weeks. Where has my semester gone? Where has my sophomore year gone? And why are all these families wandering around campus?

As it turns out, today is Hamilton’s Junior Preview day, where high school juniors and their families are invited to come out and learn about Hamilton before the hectic college application process begins. I walked past some fun looking games being played this morning in Kirner-Johnson (my favorite study spot) and have been stuck behind multiple tour groups since yesterday afternoon. I hope they find Hamilton as wonderful as I did when I first visited, even though the weather today is wet and gray and unattractive.

And then I started thinking about all the high school seniors waiting for their acceptance letters, and remembered just how anxious I was between the months of December and April. To anyone waiting to hear back from Hamilton, I want to say this: I wish you the best of luck and hope very dearly that you can join our little family on the Hill next year. And to any juniors considering Hamilton: the past three-and-a-half semesters have been some of the best and most meaningful months of my life. This is a wonderful school, and I hope you all come visit soon!