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Time Flys when you're Having Fun!

April 16, 2010   Can you believe it, it’s already April, and yet it still feels like the 1st of January. I swear it was just yesterday that I gobbled down my 12 grapes for good luck as I rang in the New Year here in Spain. Where does the time go?

I bet that many of you are reading this thinking about the college acceptance letters that have flooded you mailbox. By the time you know it, those acceptance letters will lead to your first day of college (hopefully Hamilton), and you'll be waving goodbye to your nostalgic parents (one of which I am sure will be holding a baby picture of you) as they drive away from you new home.

I remember my first college acceptance letter, and how excited I was that some place wanted me and to relieved to know that even if I was rejected everywhere else, I would at least have one option. (I know that is a little depressing, but work with me people!) Getting into college and making that giant leap from the little pond to the big pond is exciting, scary, and nerve wracking. However, it is just another step on the path of life.

So, CONGRATULATIONS to all of you college bound and accepted seniors, you are getting ready to start the best adventure of your life. The best part is that you get to decide which school will be lucky enough to help you start navigating your adventure.