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So this is what you call Art...

April 16, 2010   So I am sure this is probably just an Alex thing, however, I have this huge project for my art history class due in about a week and I am still struggling to find an artist to do my project on. We have basically covered just about every Spanish painter from the time of Goya to Dalí, and I am running out of options. I would opt for Picasso, but I don’t really like him very much. Goya is amazing, however we already talked about all of his paintings in class, so I can’t do my project on him either.

While I like Dalí, I want to do someone out of the box. You know, find some rogue 19th century Spanish painter who paints like God himself. However, I yet to find him or her. In my desperate attempt to find someone or something today I went to the Contemporary Art Museum here in Madrid, and while I had high hopes, only two words can describe my luck, crash and burn (okay that was technically 3, however, you get the point). As I walked through floor after floor of strange painting after strange painting, with the occasional fork posing as a statue, or “contemporary work of art” representing the strife in the world and the innermost fears of the artist, I quickly lost interest in everything around me. I began to make the strangest observations, and comments regarding the artwork. In fact, at one painting I began giggling uncontrollably, until I noticed a Spanish couple staring me down.

I guess maybe I am not mature enough to be going into a museum of such “high caliber” next time I will just stick with the Prado, at least there I can recognize what is going on the painting. And not to sound like a Negative Nancy, but I still don’t have an artist or topic for my final Art History project! Well there is always tomorrow, and I can explore the Real Academica de Bellas Artes de San Fermin. Wish me luck!