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Saying Goodbye

April 16, 2010   One would think that after 8 months here I would be itching to back to America, my home in California and my silly little white dog Miso, however, I do want to leave. I’m not ready to go. After years and years of having to say goodbye to different people, places, organizations, I should have plenty of practice in getting this goodbye thing out of the way, but it’s just not that easy. I wish there was some sort of scientific formula, or mathematical equation to use in order to crank out the perfect goodbye, and be done with it, but unfortunately there’s not.

Last semester in December, I felt no heavy heart, no sense of an ever ticking clock, nor the understanding that my junior year of college was about to be up, and that senior year was barreling full steam ahead in my direction. I guess you don’t start to realize what you are about to lose until almost the very end. Now that I have less than 30 days until I hop on board Swiss Air at Madrid Barajas International Airport, I have started to realize that in one year I have done a lot and I am so proud of what I have accomplished. I have traveled to more countries that I ever though possibly in one year, enjoyed my siesta every day, made friends witch some incredible people, become an expert in public transport, acquired a second family, become fluent in Spanish and have grown in more way than one (thanks to those darn tortillas españolas!).

All in all, the life I have made here in Madrid, is one that I am so lucky and thankful to have had the opportunity to create. When I come back to Hamilton in the fall, I am sure I will have a completely new world vision, and a true appreciation for Jamón Iberico. So even though I will be saying goodbye to my new life here, I’m positive that I will be coming back to Madrid in the future. And, even though I’m leaving, Madrid is only a plane ride away! In a way, I guess I never really have to say goodbye then, maybe just see you later!