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Hello, My Name is Sara

April 1, 2006   

I’ll start off by telling you a little about myself: I turned 21 last Friday, I’m a junior, I’m a government major and French minor, I spent last semester abroad in Paris, I’m spending this semester "abroad" in Washington D.C, and I love Hamilton.

Living in D.C. is pretty cool. I’m on Hamilton’s D.C. program, where 16 Hamilton students participate in a full time internship, take two classes, and write a 25 page research paper/thesis. It’s not your typical "I’m going to go abroad to party" program, but it is incredible.

Our apartments are amazing- there are 4 apartments with 4 students in each one and they’re in a very trendy part of town. The apartments have two large bedrooms and seemingly unlimited closet space (though we are slowly but surely increasing our "business casual" wardrobe to alter that situation), two bathrooms, full kitchen, huge living/dining room area, couch, futon, and two comfy chairs. I’m fairly certain that it will be the nicest place I will live for the next 10 years of my life.

There are two classes led by Professor Eismeier, the Hamilton professor who directs the program down here- one is a "regular" class (Politics and Information), and one is a debate class. On Thursday nights, we meet in one of the four apartments for our debates. The hosting apartment has a budget to provide (make or take out) dinner for the entire class, and then 4 people debate a topic of their choosing. It’s pretty unique, and the food is generally delicious (especially when my master chef roommate commands our kitchen).

The thesis is going to be a challenge, but it’s good practice researching and writing. Because we choose our own topic, it’s easier to get engaged in the paper. Mine is "U.S. Foreign Policy Shift in Response to September 11th", or something along those lines.

The internship makes up the he final component of the DC program. Four days a week we suit up and join the professional work force in a variety of fields. I work for the State Department; it’s amazing and I’ll talk about it later.
So that’s where I am in life, I hope you enjoy reading my journal.