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Do the Cherry Trees Produce Cherries?

April 1, 2006   The cherry blossoms are out. After work on Friday, I met up with some friends and we walked from the Smithsonian to the Jefferson Memorial to see the main attraction of DC’s Cherry Blossom Festival

For those of you not familiar with DC, it’s a 30-50 minute walk, depending on how high your work heels happen to be. From the Jefferson Memorial, we looked out on the tidal basin, which was surrounded by absolutely beautiful blooming cherry blossoms on every side. Incredible photo opportunity as the sun set and the sky turned a fantastic shade of purple.

With cherry blossoms come tourists…thousands of them. Soon the yuppie well-dressed young professionals of Washington will be outnumbered by the spandex-wearing, camera-toting, fanny packed visitors from all over the country. They amuse me, and I always offer directions when asked.

There is, however, one small part of D.C. etiquette that no tourist seems to understand, and it continues to frustrate me. The D.C. metro’s escalators are unimaginably long. I swear they go 3 miles beneath the ground. Every D.C. resident knows that the right side of the escalator is for standing, and the left is for walking down (or up). In the past week, I have missed several trains because I was stuck behind a tourist on an escalator!

Fact: Cherry blossom trees do not produce actual cherries. Who knew?