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Mirror Mirror on the Wall

February 23, 2011   Monday morning, I awoke from my all-too-short slumber, walked in a zombie-like trance in to the bathroom and proceeded to brush my teeth. About halfway through, I became conscious of the world around me and noticed something strange. I couldn't see myself in the mirror. Fortunately, it's not because I somehow morphed into Edward Cullen in my sleep. (Sorry, ladies.) It was Mirror-less Monday.

This week, Hamilton is focused on Eating Disorder awareness. Each day has been something different, (today, for example, is Worry-less Wednesday) but the main goal is to raise awareness about EDs and help people who may have them on campus by making them feel better about themselves and letting them know they have support. Just another cool thing we're doing here at Hamilton.

On a personal level, I've become a huge fan of Cafe Opus here on campus. In the past, I would stop by whenever I needed an extra dose of caffeine or a cookie, but for the past few weeks I've been going almost every day to do work. The whole place is filled with all sorts of couches and chairs and I've found a big, comfy couch in the corner that I can just sprawl out on, listen to music and read some Melville, John Donne or whatever it is I have due the next day. This is my first semester with so much Lit reading, and I've really found the setting conducive to it. And when I inevitably get too comfortable, I can grab myself a cup o' Joe, Chai, hot chocolate, or whatever I'm in the mood for to keep me going. It's like Heaven. Everyone seems to find "their study space" eventually, and I think I've definitely found mine.