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Spontaneous Trip to Opus for Philosophy!

March 13, 2010   Thursday night, my Philosophy of Science professor, Marianne Janack, e-mailed to let us know that she was going to treat us to Opus 2 for our Friday class. We met in the Science Center atrium (where Opus 2 is) and found some sofas downstairs in the physics lounge that we could use for our class discussion. Then we migrated back upstairs to order our coffee, hot chocolate, muffins, bagels ... you name it. I got a cinnamon chip muffin with a hazelnut iced coffee. Talking about the nature of scientific revolutions in the spirit of Thomas Kuhn over coffee was quite a way to start the day! Philosophy of Science (Philosophy 310) is a really cool class and definitely pertinent to my physics major. One thing I've noticed is that I've been able to connect some of what I've been learning in my classes, which is a really great skill to have. I really like an interdisciplinary approach to academics, and Hamilton gives me free license to go that route.

Lauren and I stayed after class to talk to Marianne about some things when all of a sudden, like electrons randomly popping into existence, the streaking team appeared. Streaking is technically against school policy now, but the team occasionally likes to see what it can get away with. Because we were downstairs, we only saw the bottom half of the flock ... and although they couldn't see us, we cheered them on anyway.

The coffee was a good idea because it prepared me for the exciting car ride to come. Kate needed to drive all the way back to Cincinnati for break, and she needed a driving buddy, so Amanda happily volunteered. They slept over at my house last night so they could rest up for the remainder of their journey. At least I got to rock out to Mika, ABBA, Goo Goo Dolls and Queen (among others) with them for the ride from Clinton to Buffalo. The great thing about our sleepover was that because I trust my college friends so much, I let them read (parts) of my old diaries from elementary and middle school. I cannot believe how much of a weirdo I was — but you're not surprised, right?