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Settling in

January 18, 2012   

So I'm finally in the District...I moved into my apartment on Sunday, the last of the four roommates, in the Woodley Park neighborhood of DC. First thoughts: It's a great neighborhood, with a Metro stop around the corner, a nice shopping area a block away, and close to most major areas of the city. My apartment itself is also great: very spacious, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a huge living room, and a fully-functional kitchen.

My first day included a meeting with the rest of the group and our Program Director, Professor Eismeier, and basically getting acquainted with the immediate area. We touched on the important aspects of the semester and talked about some upcoming events - I'll fill you in on those as they happen. The next day I went for my first grocery shopping trip (buying and making all my own food could get interesting...) and went for a quicker-than-I-would-have-liked tour of the city. My dad, sister and I explored the National Mall, and took in the grandeur of the areas the city is famous for. As I've noted in earlier entries, I've never actually been to the capital before, and seeing these monuments and buildings - namely the Capitol, the Washington and Lincoln memorials, the White House, and the Library of Congress, among many others - was incredible. I know as the semester progresses I'll be exploring the interiors of these landmarks, and I can't wait.

Today was supposed to be the first day at my internship at National Strategies, a government marketing consulting firm, but to no complaints from me, the start date was pushed back until Thursday. This meant that today consisted just of practicing my commute, exploring downtown Washington where I'll be working, and just hanging out for the most part. I saw most of the students in the program after their first days - some did very little (the life of an intern...) while others were worked for the full eight-hour day. Regardless, I'm really excited for my first day on Thursday, to really get into the swing of things down here.

Tomorrow, we have our first weekly class in the morning, followed by a group outing to the Newseum, of which I've heard great things, but I'll be sure to fill you in. Until then, take it easy.