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Move Out Day

May 14, 2011   The day has finally come, and everybody's going home for the summer.  As I'm typing this, cars line the outside of my dorm as all of the freshmen pack up their stuff and get ready to go home.  It's actually strangely reminiscent of the first week of school.  In the fall, all the parents showed up, dropped off their kids, and we welcomed them all to Hamilton with orientation week.  Now, all the parents show up, pick up their kids, and we say goodbye to the seniors with senior week.  It's all come full-circle in a trite, faux-poetic kind of way.

This move out day is a relatively sad one for me because all of my friends are going abroad in the fall.  Well, that's not entirely true - my girlfriend Meghan isn't leaving until the spring, for example.  But I've already had to say "see you in January" to one friend and "see you next August" to two others.  And that's not this August, you guys.  That's August of 2012.  The next summer Olympics will happen before I see my friends Luke and Justin again.

I'm... I'm making myself pretty sad, actually.

Fortunately, we've still got a whole summer before they all get on planes to go to fancy and exotic locations.  I know several of my friends are staying on campus this summer and since I only live a couple hours away, some visits will definitely be in order.  My friend Amanda will be working for the Career Center, my friend Jess is helping create questions for next semester's Symbolic Logic course, and my friend Will and girlfriend Meghan are doing research with professors!  Will is looking at the overlap between religion and environment, and Meghan is examining how medieval kings tried to emulate King Arthur.  Pretty awesome stuff!  And of course, I have to come back for the annual Boilermaker road race in Utica.  I probably won't run as a chippendale this year, though.

Many of my friends are staying for senior week, too!  Be they RAs, members of the choir, or in an a cappella group, it seems like most people I know are finding a way to stick around for just a bit longer.  An entire week at Hamilton with none of the school work... maybe the best thing ever?

Until next time!

This entry's Shout Out goes to Luke's dad, for giving me a donut this morning.  Thanks, Pastor Schwartz!