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Off the Hill

October 17, 2012   

People often say that Clinton doesn’t have much to do, because it’s in the middle of central New York. However, since coming here, I have realized that there is plenty to do around here; you just have to actively seek out the opportunities that Clinton offers.

First of all, there are all of the tutoring programs that take place at the Clinton Elementary/Middle Schools. I have done DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) since last year. In DEAR, we go to the Clinton Elementary School and help the students with their reading skills and other weak areas of study. The students there are so sweet, and it’s a great opportunity for Hamilton students who are interested in going into education.

Another program that Hamilton offers is volunteering at the Rome Humane Society, where students go to the local animal shelter and play with the cats and dogs. It’s such a great place to go; they really appreciate the attention that the Hamilton students give the animals, and it’s also great if you’re missing your pet at home!

Aside from Hamilton programs, there are also just a lot of fun things to do in the area. There are many restaurants in Clinton, New Hartford, and Utica. A couple of recommendations: Nola’s in Clinton, Asian Bistro in New Hartford, and Sunny’s in Utica. It’s nice to grab a friend and go off-campus for a meal sometimes, to get a taste of the area and to get off the Hill for a bit.

There are also a lot of little fairs and farmer’s markets on the green in downtown Clinton, where they sell everything from scarves to fresh local vegetables. These fairs are really fun, and also provide the opportunity to talk to some of the local townspeople, who are really friendly and open to conversation.

Of course, at this time in the year, apple-picking is an especially popular activity! My friends Hailey and Sarah and I are planning to go on an apple picking date sometime next week. Bring on the hot cider, caramel apples, and apple pie!