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Here Come the Newbies!

March 31, 2009   If tackling spring semester were like mountain climbing, we would currently be at the summit and making our way back down. Spring break provides us Hamilton students with that much needed two weeks of rest and fuels us for the six weeks left in our path. Fortunately for me as a senior, this path to the end is littered with champagne receptions, dinners at the president’s house, alumni networking events, and all-around senior appreciation and love. Recently it seems my inbox is flooded with events dedicated to seniors and our last six weeks on The Hill.

This flood of love got me thinking about our exodus, which in turn signals the arrival of the Class of 2013. First of all….CONGRATULATIONS! The application process and the college search are no easy task, but it all paid off…right?! You’re getting ready to jump into the most exciting four years of your life. I mean really guys, think about it…when again in the future will you be able to live independently, have no real expenses, and dedicate yourself entirely to studying and having a good time? Trust me when I say if I could answer that question, I would eagerly pursue the solution. College is an amazing time of academic and personal growth and I can’t imagine wanting to experience that anywhere else but here on The Hill.

So I guess in a way, you guys are at the summit of your high school experience as well. You made it through the arduous task of applying and likely stressed out for a few weeks. Now acceptance letters are out…and all that’s left is your decision. I know it seems difficult right now, but if you decide to join our community I can promise you one thing. The memories you will make on The Hill will undoubtedly last a lifetime. Should you want some straightforward answers from a student’s point of view about Hamilton, please feel free to shoot me an email! I enjoy typing almost as much as I enjoy talking and I’m more than willing to help out. (kbritt@hamilton.edu)

Best of luck guys!