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Writing: The Bad and The Good

April 26, 2012   

I recently got back an edited paper from my English professor, and I did pretty badly! Red pen marks appeared in almost every other sentence of my assignment. I got a C on the paper — easily the worst I have done on a written assignment! 

Professor Larson provided some constructive feedback and set up an appointment for me with the head of the writing center, Sharon Williams. I walked into Sharon’s office embarrassed about my poor work.

Although Sharon and I had never met, she was so willing to help me improve my composition. We went over the basics, common errors that resonated throughout my work and set up a second appointment!

At Hamilton, no one is a stranger, and I find that professors and the administration are always so willing to help. To be honest, I have always known I have some bad writing habits, but it took some pushing from my professor and help from Sharon to finally address it.

Sure I got a C, but ultimately I am coming away as a better writer.

(Cheers to Sharon Williams for being so friendly and helpful!)