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How is it possible that we're already halfway done?

October 18, 2006   So apparently I heard this Friday marks the halfway point of this semester. Now, I don’t know this for sure, and I probably could very easily look at a calendar and figure it out myself, but I’m going to take people’s word for it. I probably would have guessed anyway because, not to scare any of you, I’ve been CRUNCHING as much work into these past two week as humanly possible. If that doesn’t mark the mid point then I don’t know what does. Last week I had the chemistry test that I had been dreading and finished a huge lab for the accompanying lab class (usually they’re only a week’s worth of work, but this time we had two lab experiments pushed into one lab, which is essentially double the points). I just handed in my paper for environmental studies and wrote another chemistry lab AND am currently working on my Russian studies research paper proposal (which is on the down low, sorry)...I swear I’m not saying all this to scare you. It’s midway through the semester and this much work is a typical college load (I think). BUT the good news is that I still had time to do some pretty fun things over the weekend. See, this post won’t entirely consist of me venting my frustrations mainly because my friends don’t care/have heard them already.

Friday night my friends and I saw Murderball, the documentary on the American quadriplegic rugby team, which was playing in the KJ auditorim. We really wanted to see Mark Zupan’s talk on Monday, so we decided to see the documentary so we wouldn’t be completely lost. I’m so glad we saw it though; it was amazing. It was real without be heartrenching. Plus, the film had a villain (the Canadian rugby team’s coach). How many documentaries can say that? A little biased-ness can be exciting. And, much like the effect that Bend It Like Beckham had on me, I now want to play the extreme sport that is wheelchair rugby. Only I’d probably need knee and elbow pads…and a helmet.

Saturday night we decided to go to IHOP (which is right off one of the highways going towards Utica) and I experienced that little bit of heaven that only their delicious buttermilk pancakes can induce. Needless to say, it was a lovely evening. Sunday morning, I begged my friend to borrow her car, and Leighton and I drove to the Petsmart (my fishies needed food) in New Hartford. Now, I’ve never driven a car without adult supervision because I’m from the Bronx and we barely drive as is, so I was so excited that she trusted me with her brand new car. And I drove the whole 20 minutes all by myself. It was…liberating. *Sigh*

Monday night we went to Mark Zupan’s talk in the Event’s Barn. He talked about his experiences before and after his accident, but he was so upbeat and funny that though what happened to him was unbelievable, he made it seem like everything was great. Which, I guess to some extent, is true. He has played in the Paralympics, stared in that amazing documentary, starred in a Jackass episode and went to the Academy Awards. Talk about karma. Zupan has tons of it.

So that was my weekend.  Not too shabby, right? Aren’t you glad you kept reading? The tip is to get a hold of your work early and then you can have fun…in moderation.