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Whom shall we find sufficient?

February 28, 2011   So last Sunday, resident Milton expert Margie Thickstun put on a marathon reading of Paradise Lost.  That's 10,565 lines!  The reading started at noon, and folks came and went throughout the day to read various characters.  I got to be Satan!  I know that playing the father of Sin and Death isn't exactly the most admirable role, but it was actually a lot of fun!

My favorite part of the reading was that it wasn't limited to those of us taking the class.  Over 50 people came and read throughout the day!  I especially liked President Stewart's reading of God.  Professors Oerlemans and Collett also performed excellently.  But they were both Satan in different parts of the poem, so I had a tough act to follow when it was my turn to read!  And even though Adam and Eve ended up getting punished and kicked out of Paradise (who knew, right?), I think everybody at the reading had a good time.

Also, like any good event, there were T-shirts and food!  Margie made delicious rasberry bars and ordered Indian Cafe for dinner.  Because if you're going to read a Christian poem for ten hours, you might as well have Indian food, right?  And now, when I walk around campus sporting my "Whom shall we find sufficient?" T-shirt, I can say: "Oh, this?  Yeah, I got it when I tricked Eve into tasting the forbidden fruit whereupon God turned me into a snake.  Where'd you get your shirt?"

All around a good day, I'd say.  Until next time!

This entry's Shout Out goes to Margie Thickstun, who sat in the library for the entire ten hour reading.  You deserve it.