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Fall Break at Hamilton

October 16, 2009   

A surprising number of students have opted to stay on campus for fall break, and I know this sad fact because I am one of those golden individuals (yes people, it is SAD that we are here on campus and not off to…oh, I don’t know...just somewhere else).

Here are some possible reasons one might choose to stay on campus during fall break:

1.  You REALLY love Hamilton.

You are enjoying the frigid weather we have been experiencing (although I would like note that, at present, the sun is brightly shining and the orange/red-leaved trees sprinkled throughout campus are looking quite lovely. Did I mention that we are expecting 5 inches of snow within the next few days?)

You have a large, scary pile of work staring at you and commanding, “Thou shalt not go to NYC and enjoy thy newly acquired ability to legally enter a bar. Thou shall sit in the library and enjoy thy ability to write lab reports.”

I fall into the third category, which is not to say I don’t REALLY love Hamilton and am not exceptionally pleased about my perpetual chicken skin lately.

If I could be doing anything right now, it would probably be playing Rock Band or Guitar Hero.  I will settle for rocking out to all my favorite Rock Band songs while I attack that pile of work (I fear you not!).

Short entry because Modern Algebra and Physical Chemistry are calling to me. I know I promised another Hamilton Adventure post, but I double promise I will give you one next time!

PEACE home fries.