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Prospective Student Day

April 16, 2012   

Wow, I have not seen so many people on campus before! Today is Prospective Student Day. Kids who were accepted to Hamilton and will be here next semester, or who are deciding whether or not they should go to school here, are here with their parents, checking out the campus and sampling the classrooms and student life.  Prospy day could not be more beautiful. It may just be the most beautiful weather I’ve ever experienced on the Hill, though maybe it always feels that way after a long winter. 

I think that Hamilton students are extra keen on showing that Hamilton is a fun place. People are playing Frisbee on the green, playing kickball and just generally enjoying the sweet sun and the warm weather. Shorts are finally back in style! No jackets will be needed today. Just sunglasses and skin. 

I just couldn’t stay indoors this morning. I took my guitar outside behind Babbitt and started playing a few choice songs. Pretty soon a good friend of mine, Will Robertson, joined me on the ledge of his third-story window. We played a few classic numbers: San Francisco, Hey Jude, I’ve Just Seen a Face, Freebird (because someone requested it), and Livin’ on a Prayer. It was a pretty cool moment, and tons of kids opened their windows to hear the music and enjoy the sweet warm air.