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I Feel the Heat

February 10, 2009   When did I get old enough to start preparing for job interviews? I mean really…if I sit back and think about it…how did this happen? It seems like yesterday I was traveling the liberal arts circuit and interviewing with any college admission office that would talk with me. The thought of jumping into the job market (or lack thereof) just feels a bit daunting. Although I honestly feel Hamilton has prepared me well for this next step in my life, I can’t help but envy the freshmen and sophomores scurrying about campus and talking of summer plans. But alas, I must focus on the goal…and make frequent trips to the career center.

Now y’all should know I’ve been visiting the career center nearly every month since freshmen year. Yes, I’m THAT kid…the overachieving one who had career on the mind from day one. Through such frequent meetings, I made great friends with my counselor and it looked like obtaining a job someday would not only be possible, but simple as well. Let’s just say my first few years at the career center were…enjoyable. I mean come on…everyone likes to talk about themselves! Now that I’m a senior, however, these visits have taken a far more serious tone. There are no longer talks of strengths, weaknesses, and dream jobs. Now it’s nothing but interviews, cover letters, and that oh-so-dreaded reality called rejection (gasp).

So how did I get here? How did I finally get to that point in college where I’m no longer thinking of classes next semester, but rather where I’ll live and how I’ll pay the rent? While these questions do weigh on me heavily, I know the weight is lighter thanks to the preparation provided by the career center. Tomorrow will be a cover letter session, next week a mock interview, and the following week success! Well…let’s hope so.