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February 26, 2012   

Tonight, while I was reading in the library with my friend, Kina, Burke’s power went out. We soon discovered from an inundation of rapid-response Facebook statuses and tweets that the blackout generalized to the entire Light Side of campus—the irony of which students recognized and exploited, in the best way possible.

Of course, instead of trying to find ways to continue reading without light, Kina and I decided to brainstorm ideas for how to make the most of a blacked-out Burke. First, we considered transforming the space into a nightclub, of sorts; all we needed was some music and one person to get the dancing started.

Another strong consideration was that we were in the midst of a horror-movie-in-the-making. My initial reaction when the lights went out was to scream, obviously, and I know I wasn’t alone in responding this way.

Since I work Monday mornings in Burke’s Circulation department, we also considered staking out some territory and a having a library sleepover; come 9 a.m., all I’d have to do is walk downstairs to start my workday. Plus, the second-floor couches are so cozy.

By the time the Light Side resumed power, and we’d put an end to our daydreaming, it was almost 10 p.m., and I still had 60 pages of James Joyce to read. Do I regret not heading to the Dark Side for better lighting and, presumably, increased concentration? Of course not.