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November 6, 2012   

So just to explain why you won't be hearing from me for a few days - in case you haven't already guessed - I am off on the next Ellen-Sees-China adventure! Shanghai Edition! Actually, it is the Nanjing-Shanghai Edition. First off to Nanjing with a friend to see our mutual friend, a former ACC student now attending a language program at Nanjing University. We're spending a full day and night there, and then all headed to Shanghai till Sunday.

Due to all the work I've had, plus applying to internships for summer (I say applying, I really mean casual internet-browsing, which takes up all my free time just the same), I haven't had much time to look up what we'll do once we get there. So tonight has been a whirlwind of last minute train ticket-purchasing and hostel-booking, packing, attemping to read tomorrow's lesson, and looking up what to do in Shanghai. Which probably explains why I am exhausted. 

But everything vitally important has made it into my bag - passport, train tickets, hostel confirmation numbers/phone/addresses, SNACKS (what else do you do on a train??) and the medical supplies. Ah, the life of a Type 1 diabetic! Always the medical supplies, followed by your mother emailing to make sure you remembered the medical supplies. Which, if she is reading this...I did!! I swear!!

So, wish me luck! Off to see more of China!