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Carpe Diem

March 7, 2012   

In the midst of midterms and pre-Spring Break stresses, a relatively warm day got a seriously warm welcome on the Hill. For the first time in a while, I saw bare legs under floral sundresses and students sporting shorts on Martin's Way. When I walked into the library this afternoon, lots of people were sitting on the steps, working outside and soaking up the sun.


It's crazy that it's almost spring already. I'm in no rush for this year to end, but as the weather here gets nicer, Class & Charter Day seems nearer.


Next semester, I am decidedly studying off-campus; I handed in my leave of absence form a few weeks ago, noting that the University of Edinburgh was my intended destination for Fall 2012. I'm excited to tour Europe and get a fresh college perspective, but at the same time, the idea that I won't be returning to campus in the fall is strange. Last year, summer felt like a lifetime spent away from Hamilton; I can't even begin to imagine how six or seven months off-campus will feel. 


It's the beautiful days like these that remind me how overjoyed I'll be to return to Hamilton in the spring and how much I'll miss it while I'm abroad.