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Ways to Spice Up the Doldrums of Winter at Hamilton

February 28, 2013   

February is over!  At school, February is the endless month of winter since it is the only month during this season that we do not have some time off.  And, as you might be aware, it snows a lot here.  There’s rarely a day that goes by where snow isn’t in the forecast for at least a part of the day.  Since this is my third February at Hamilton, I think I have finally found some ways to cure the winter blues.

1) Try to get off campus and explore the New Hartford/Utica Area.  The area around Hamilton has a lot to offer.  Contrary to belief, we don't go to school in the middle of nowhere.  Yes, there is a lot of open, undeveloped land, but there are also a lot of interesting things around school.  In addition to museums and historic sites, there are a lot of great restaurants.  Nola’s in downtown Clinton is always a great choice, but I went exploring into the heart of New Hartford (the town adjacent to Clinton) and tried a scrumptious Italian restaurant called Café CaNole.  The food was delicious, reasonably priced, and the desserts were to die for.  I had a peanut butter flavored cannoli in a chocolate covered shell- yum!  The perfect way to pick up the winter blues is to have some sweets.

2) Go exploring in the Glen.  At the Glen House, you can rent lots of equipment to go traipsing around campus during the snow, including snowshoes.  These are the perfect exploration tools to go into the many Glens on campus and see the beauty of nature during the winter.  It might be cold, but if you catch a nice day it will definitely be something to look at!

3) Cuddle up with a book and a hot drink.  I have recently forgone most caffeine, including coffee and soda.  So, instead I drink tea or hot cocoa whenever I want a hot beverage.  Whatever your drink of choice, splurge and get a large size at Café Opus, bring it to your dorm room or a quiet, secluded spot around campus, and enjoy a good book that isn’t academic.  I just finished The Madness Underneath by Maureen Johnson- a definite recommendation!  I love taking some time out and relaxing because all of the work and lack of sunshine during the winter can get to you.

And finally 4) Go to things on campus.  During February, the school hosts FebFest, where there are events such as a Mr. Hamilton Competition, chocolate tasting, chili cook-off, an acoustic coffeehouse, and fireworks over the football field!  Additionally, there are so many lectures and performances around campus that I always forget to go to.  However, during winter, I make sure to make time to go to these special events to be entertained by something other than a computer screen.  Going to these events always lifts my mood and exposes me to something interesting!

The end of winter is so close, I can almost taste it!  Although the snow will soon melt, the winters at Hamilton are quite a special thing of nature that I’m sure I’ll miss once I graduate.  But, here’s to spring!!