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Nothing but Apologies

March 16, 2010   I'm sorry I've been off the radar for a while. But let me say two things in my defense: we're sort of on spring break right now (we still get to go to work, but there's no class this week or next week), so I'll have plenty more time to update you and more to update you about; AND I had absolutely no idea it was already March.

Seriously, though, I'm still operating like it's January or something. But today is the most absolutely gorgeous spring day in New York: 60 degrees, sunny, absolutely cloudless and perfumed by the finest street-food vendors known to man. (Side note: if you're ever down by Wall Street, I can direct you - courtesy of my boss - to the most fabulous street-meat-and-falafel cart you will ever have the joy of finding. And that's coming from someone who considers sourdough bread over regular white to be an adventurous culinary choice.)

I'm about to head out to the terrace and relax for a little bit before getting myself together for the evening - but stay tuned: tomorrow is Saint Patrick's Day and I don't have work. Wish me luck.