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The One With The Falling Leaves

October 7, 2012   

Hey journal buddies!

So I’m admittedly beyond slow when it comes to catching up with what’s hot and happening with the world. I didn’t revert to Facebook until I realized I was the last person on earth still using Orkut. I didn’t come across Cobra Starship’s “You Make Me Feel” till Vampire Diaries had it blasting in an episode. I didn’t watch and thus become obsessed “Modern Family” or “Community” like all you normal people out there till this last summer. So yeah, I do take my sweet time to realize that everybody’s doing it all over.

But that isn’t true for the most recent addition to the things I’ve finally adopted: Instagram. Where all of you have been taking all those cool photos of you and your friends for aeons now, I just jumped on the Instagram bandwagon a week ago, simply because it’s impossible to have a camera phone and not incessantly be taking and posting photos of the beautiful fall Hamilton’s been having this year. From blazing yellows to flaming reds, the leaves of a million different shades deck the campus all over, and every leaf pulses with its own unique color. The soft intoxicating smell of the fall hangs in the air, and the music in the rustle of the leaves makes it so much easier to walk to those early morning classes, even for a totally non-morning person like myself.

So they might joke around about how many Hamiltonians end up marrying other Hamiltonians, but it makes perfect sense at times. Walking around with the leaves of a billion colors tangling up around you in the gently breeze, you can feel love in the air on the campus. So if you have time, come up the hill this weekend. If you’re anything like me and don’t have Instagram yet, you will soon.