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Hello, Accepted Students!

April 19, 2011   So, this past weekend we've been flooded with accepted students here on the Hill.  If you're one of them, hello!

So, this is going to be a relatively short entry because I've got all sorts of exams and papers to worry about (aren't you just so excited for college?!?!).  But I just wanted to say hello to all of you folks deciding whether or not to join us on the Hill for four years of awesome fun times.

First of all, thanks for stopping by!  Or if you didn't come to the Hill recently, thanks for reading this entry!  I always love this time of year because I get to gush about Hamilton, which is among my favorite things to do.  But again, time is short over here in Oh-My-Goodness-Look-At-All-That-Work Land, so instead of trying to mention everything I love about Hamilton in one entry, I'll just direct you to all the other entries I've written.  People tell me they're fun to read, so maybe you'll like them, too?

And as I walk about, meeting different prospective students, I notice that you all have lots of questions.  So if you have a burning question to which you're just dying to know the answer, feel free to e-mail me at ccreagan@hamilton.edu.  It's a win-win: you learn more about Hamilton, and I get a fun way to procrastinate!

Anyhow, that's all the time I've got for now.  Hope to see you in August!

This entry's Shout Out goes to Liz DaBramo, the third Geneseo student in a row to get accepted into Hamilton.  Way to keep the legacy going!