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The One Where Fall Break Is Coming!

October 7, 2012   

Hey journal buddies!

So last year, when I was still a nascent freshman making my way into the world of the American collegiate experience, having fall break in October, just a month and a half into the semester seemed a little needless. Euphoric as every freshman is about college, I was on the high of Hamilton life and with my what-a-wonderful-world goggles on, I couldn’t see why anyone would need to run for the hills, or more appropriately, from them, so soon in the game. I do now though…

Hamilton with its academic due is kicking into high octane this week. With a French exam on Monday, an economics problem set due Tuesday, an economics exam on Wednesday, an Africana Studies paper due Thursday and a final performance for acting class on Friday, I sit through the final moments of the weekend before the educational roller-coaster ride begins. And as this Sunday dwindles into Monday, I essentially feel like a piñata about to be whacked hard in the behind by deadlines and exams.

So, as I overdose on Café Opus’s Opus Magnums and embark on a series of perpetual all-nighters, fall break seems like quite the savior now. And with that, I concede once more that the people that make administrative decisions like when to have breaks or not, are certainly way smarter than I am.