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Congratulations to those accepted to the class of 2016!

March 27, 2012   

So first and foremost, congratulations to the students accepted to Hamilton College's class of 2016! As someone who has gone through the process, I know the incredible weight that must be lifted off your shoulders after being informed of your acceptance. And the even better part is the flipping of the script to come during the next month or so, in which you get to decide which school is for you, after months of schools deciding which applicants were for them. So enjoy it while you can, and feel free to make some schools sweat awaiting your decision. 

Not to go overboard with the nostalgia, but this definitely brings back memories of the spring of my senior year of high school, counting down the days until college decisions came out, going over and over what I thought my chances were at each school, and generally waiting with bated breath for those fateful days. Even though I didn't end up attending, the best moment was that first acceptance, when I knew, regardless of what else may happen, there was a school that wanted me among its ranks in the fall. The feeling of relief was almost indescribable, and it helped to take the sting out of some of the decisions that didn't quite go my way later in month. But then, when all was done and dusted, I had to take the leap and choose for myself where I wished to enroll. 

Of course, my parents helped with my decision--toured the schools, offered thoughts, and in the end suggested what would be the ideal fit. But in the end, and as cliched as it is, the decision was up to me, and is now up to you. Personally, after visiting Hamilton (with only ten days to spare before the decision deadline) I knew where I would matriculate come fall. I knew, of the schools between which I was choosing, how the academics were, social life, campus quality, etc, and Hamilton made it pretty clear, pretty quickly, that I would be doing myself a favor to attend.

So, whether you end up here or not (though we certainly hope you do!), I wish all you accepted students the best of luck in your decisions and congratulations on your accomplishment.