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Time for Work, Time for Play

April 4, 2013   

This week marks the outset of the school year’s final stretch.  After two weeks of a long and lazy spring break I came back to the Hill eager to study, excited to be among friends, happy to be back at School. The lion’s share of the semester is over – just a scant seven weeks remain – and I fully expect those weeks to go by in frantic blur of tests, papers, track meets and with any luck, sociability.

Time on the Hill is spent in extremes.  I am frequently occupied by reading assignments and lengthy essays; working at a fever pitch, I stay just ahead of my syllabi.  But when I close my books nothing could be farther from my mind than schoolwork—my whole being is occupied with my present company and the pleasures of the moment. 

Just the other day, I was called to a mid-day video game competition by my good friend Evan Abelson ’16.  Star Wars: Battlefront was the game of choice for the afternoon, and we spent hours battling for galactic supremacy.  But the contest was cut short by track practice; our moods suddenly shifted, becoming more serious.  It was time to work.

This dramatic work-relax cycle dictates my life on the Hill—I am either far too busy or lost in fun.  No hours are lost or wasted.  But with few idle moments, time rushes by at a blinding pace. Without my realizing, my first year has come to its final stretch – it’s a straight, uninterrupted shot right to the end of the semester – but if you told me that I moved in one month ago, I could believe you.

I am sure the next seven weeks will be extremely busy; I intend to fully enjoy the stress and joy of it all, all the while rushing toward the end of the semester.