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Congrats Women's Lacrosse!

May 16, 2010   Hamilton may not have been an NCAA contender in most sports this year, but our women's lacrosse team has picked up the slack.  They're good.  Really really good. #1 in the country.  And final-four bound for the third straight year.

Since the team had the #1 seed in the tournament this year, they played host for a regional semifinal and final this weekend.  School was over, so most of the non-seniors had headed home, but everyone else got to witness the magic that is our women's lax team.  Our president covered the cost for admission for everyone in the Hamilton community, and students and staff alike showed up in full force to show support. 

I don't know that much about lacrosse, but it was pretty apparent that Hamilton was schooling the competition.  They made it look so easy, flying past the other team whenever they pleased.  In the regional final against Colby, the number nine team in the country, they scored two goals in the first 40 seconds.  Ridiculous.

The team travels to the final four next week.  I would wish them good luck, but honestly, it doesn't look like they need it.