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The American Spirit Part 2

October 2, 2012   

After leaving Santa Barbara, our plan was to visit and camp at as many national parks as possible. I would say we were successful since we visited Joshua Tree, Zion, Bryce Canyon, Grand Teton, Yellowstone, Crazy Horse Memorial, and Mount Rushmore.

The national parks were awesome; all we did was camp, cook food by a camping stove and fall asleep when the sun went down. The stars out in the more rural areas were mind blowing! I’m too accustomed to this city life and artificial light. I also saw buffalo for the first time at Yellowstone. They are pretty cute (and scary).

After the national parks, we traveled to Chicago, which I had never visited before.  I had been told by countless friends that Chicago is amazing, that I had to try deep-dish pizza, and that it is a “modern Boston” (sorry folks, nothing really compares to Boston), but people were right about everything else - Chicago was indeed great. Chicago deep-dish pizza is more a pie and the flaky, buttery crust complements the thick tomatoes.

We stayed with two friends, Mac Mahoney ’14 and Nick Pappageorge ’14, and both gave us an insider’s guide to Chicago. We hung out at Millennium Park, visited the Baha’i temple in Wilmette, ate at a delicious vegan friendly café and just shot the breeze. You know what they say, summer time, when the living is easy.

Sam, Bryce and I made the 14-hour drive from Chicago to Hamilton in one day! We visited with friends who were back on campus for pre-orientation, orientation and RA training which was great since I won't be seeing them for a whole semester.

This road trip reminded me that in life, it is not about what you are doing, but who you are doing it with, and if that means the company of fellow Hamiltonians all my life, well, then I would not have it any other way. 

(This one if for you guys, Sam and Bryce, good times indeed.)