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April 20, 2008   

Bienvenidos!!  Greetings prospective students! Welcome to Hamilton College. I hope you are as excited as we all are to be receiving you!  
Accepted Students Day could not be at a better time. I mean the sun is shining, people are throwing frisbees, the typical bustle which encapsulates the college is momentarily lessened by a genuine desire to relax and connect with one another. There is no finer time to be on the Hill.
I enjoy this feeling as well.  The atmosphere is like that on the West Coast during a summer evening.  You can hear music bouncing from tree to tree, smell roasting hotdogs over burning embers, and feel the setting sun and the gentle breezes against your skin...all giving the Hill more of a summer camp feeling than that of the rigorous institution that it is.  But this is what happens during an 80 degree weekend.
Monday morning, however, it’s back to the grindstone.  And as final’s week approaches I am looking forward to polishing final papers and finishing readings.  Well, I guess I better start now. See you soon (tomorrow)!