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Sunshine and Softball

April 20, 2008   When it snows for half the year, you really come to appreciate nice weather. In the past week, the student population seems to have tripled. Everyone is emerging from their dorms with Frisbees, flip flops and sunglasses. Though the forecast calls for more nice weather next week, I have had an ominous feeling that it's just too good to be true. Thus, I've spent every waking moment outdoors.

A few days ago, I took a walk down the hill and got a mango iced tea from a cafe and then sat down to read my French homework on the Clinton Green. Today I took a walk through the Root Glen, now blooming with tiny blue and white flowers. For almost every meal, my friends and I pick up our food to-go and sit down at the picnic tables outside to eat. At any point of the day that do I go inside, I find myself immediately walking outside again minutes later, if only to lounge in the grass reading or throw a football with one of the guys.

Perhaps the most repeated incentive to go outside has been softball. My super-athletic team for basketball and soccer also fields a softball team. I don't actually play on the softball team (softball brings back mortifying memories of me striking out as a 4th grader). However, I've come out for every game to sit in the sun and cheer. Our team has won every game so far, though all of the teams have been pretty decent.

The games are held on Minor field, in the middle of a sea of people. On any afternoon, there are 50-100 people sprawling out on the grass in bathing suits. They bring blankets to lie on and guitars or boom boxes. You'd think it was a day at the beach.

Today, I filled my water bottle, cut up some oranges and grabbed a blanket for the 3 p.m. game. As I got to the field, I noticed there was no opposing team — sadly, they didn't show. You might think that our team would be relieved and trudge back to the library to work on theses. Not this team. They split up into three teams of 4 people each. One team batted while the two other teams played in the field. I was reluctantly put on a team and walked out to right field where I would do the least amount of damage.

To my surprise, I had an awesome time playing. I put on my straw hat, borrowed a glove and tried to pretend I was not a horrible player. I did not make any amazing plays — I almost made a really good play, but Jack plowed into me as I was about to catch the ball. Still, I didn't strike out, and it was nice to spend the day in the sun with my favorite people at school. Summer is approaching fast, and I plan to enjoy every minute of it.