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I Am Cold and Stressed and Tired

October 7, 2012   

There are only a couple days until Fall Break, but I will be working non-stop until then! I stress out pretty easily, but after 14-and-a-half years of school, I’ve figured out a couple of ways to de-stress and chug along.

1.  Tea. No, seriously. Green tea for early morning energy, black tea for an afternoon pick-me-up, chamomile for frayed nerves, mint before bedtime. Tea is wonderful and warm and calming and invigorating, and I cannot stress how important tea is in my daily life. The best part? There’s always a wide array of tea flavors in McEwen Dining Hall, and it’s usually the Starbucks brand Tazo (which is my favorite).  Oh, I can’t help it – I just love tea!

2. Exercise. Bad news is, the gym is closed this week since they’re putting in new equipment. Good news is, the rock wall is still open! For my last P.E. credit, I’m taking Beginner Rock Climbing, and it’s the best decision I’ve made this semester! Once a week I get to dangle from plastic rocks, and it’s exhausting and exhilarating and a little scary. I always walk out of the gym feeling totally refreshed (if not a little sore). Runs in Root Glen are also a great way to relax, but the recent rains have made my excursions muddy and slightly dangerous. (Exercise: good! Injuries: bad.)

3. Friends. It doesn’t matter if it’s for an hour or for five minutes, chatting with a friend is seriously the best way to de-stress. Because everyone else is just as busy as me, and they’re all just as stressed and tired as me, and sharing a quick laugh or a long hug is all my friends and I need to keep powering through our work.

And, really, Fall Break is just around the corner, and the five-day break will be fun and relaxing, so all the stress and work leading up to Wednesday will be worth it!