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The Tightest Hugs Ever

December 16, 2012   

The Washington, D.C. program ends a week earlier than the typical Hamilton semester. With this extra time, rather than going straight home, I surprised all my friends on campus! I told one person that I was visiting, but surprised all the others. Even though I was gone for only a semester, I received the tightest hugs I have ever received. These are not the lukewarm light hugs; they were the embraces of true friends. I won’t forget Sade’s happy screams, Andrew’s bright eyes and Sam’s bewilderment - haha.    

Other than my friends who are on campus, I got hugs from the admission office, financial aid office and the Higher Education Opportunity Program office. It was nice to see so many familiar faces and to pick up as if I had never left. 

I enjoyed everything I missed when I was away: the prepared and delicious foods of Soper Commons, the comfort of good company and friends and the beauty of the campus. My friend and I took a night stroll and ended up at where we lived freshman year. It was like yesterday where we sat in Wertimer 004 watching videos and hanging out, and now we’re upperclassmen visiting our old home!

This week, I will be giving tours, working in the financial aid office, catching up with professors and hanging out while everyone is working on finals! It’s okay though because I’ll buy my friends Opus cookies from the cafe and make them feel better.

(Cheers to Andrew Nichols ’14 for being a great host and friend)