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Filligar's Spring Tour

March 2, 2008   Booking a tour is hard work. It's similar to the composition process for our original music: There is no pervasive format for how any show or song comes to fruition. It involves every member of the band working hard, and definitely requires persistence. And often, we have to get a little creative with how to approach some venues.

Because Hamilton's spring break overlaps with Dartmouth's, we all quickly agreed that we should spend spring break doing what we love. We began soliciting clubs, bars, and colleges about a month ago, and we soon realized that two weeks might not be enough time to fit in all the performing we want to do. So, for almost every weekend in April, we are continuing with our tour. Here is what the current list of performances looks like:

3/14 - Union College (Schenectady, NY)
3/15 - RISD (Providence, RI)
3/18 - T.T. the Bear's Place (Cambridge, MA)
3/20 - Sullivan Hall (New York, NY)
4/03 - HAMILTON COLLEGE (Clinton, NY)
4/04 - Colgate University (Hamilton, NY)
4/05 - Middlebury College (Middlebury, VT)
4/11 - Dartmouth College (Hanover, NH)
4/12 - Alpha Delta (Hanover, NH)
4/24 - Castaways (Ithaca, NY)

It's easy to get excited when I look at that list. Performing with Filligar, especially when it's a good performance, is the most euphoric feeling I think I've felt. We're getting together at Hamilton before the first stop to brush up our stage show, and then we're heading to Union. This tour will be lots of fun, and will hopefully prove to be a good investment of our time.

We're waiting to hear back from a few more places, so if you're at all interested, up-to-date tour information is always available on our website (www.filligarband.com) and on Facebook.

Hope to see some of you over this next month!