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Mr. Hamilton

February 13, 2009   The question I'm most frequently asked at the end of interviewing a prospective student is, "How would you describe the typical Hamilton student?" For starters, my answer must be prefaced by saying there really isn't a typical Hamilton student. We're all unique people with distinct opinions, ideals and personalities. That being said, I do believe there are a few common threads that tie us Hamiltonians together. Some would argue it's our hearty spirit in the face of sub-zero temperatures. Others might say it's our propensity to wear flip-flops…all the time. For me, I believe the best part about Hamilton students is our ability to sit back, relax, and not take ourselves too seriously. Nowhere was my theory proved more true than last night at Hamilton's first ever Mr. Hamilton Pageant.

Now I’ve never been one for beauty pageants…or really just pageants in general. After seeing Miss South Carolina disgrace my state last year, I lost even the slightest shred of interest that I had in the events. So what sparked my curiosity for this event in particular? Well for one, I knew a few of the guys in the competition. I felt it was my duty as a friend to be there in their moment of public humiliation. More importantly, though, I simply wanted to relax.

For some reason, I went to this event expecting a serious competition. Now seeing as I’m now in my fourth year here at Hamilton…I should have known better. The talent competition ranged from baseball catching and Clay Aiken serenading to Bollywood dancing and story-telling. During the formal-wear competition, one was able to see just how incorrectly Hamilton boys interpret the word “formal.” Ten minutes into the competition, however, my stomach hurt so much from laughing I could barely move. The purpose of the event was clearly to entertain campus for a good three hours. There wasn’t really a competition and no one cared who was crowned the winner. Everyone was there for a good laugh…and they certainly got that.