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You just got PUNK'D!

April 26, 2012   

I'm turning in early tonight- I've got a long day ahead of me tomorrow. Training room, practice, training room, eat, 8 hour bus ride to Colby. I had a couple projects to work on tonight but one main priority: watch PUNK'd.

Most of you are thinking, Is that show still on?! And yes! It is! You're also probably wondering why I make that a priority when there are so many other good shows to watch. Downton Abbey. And I'm ashamed (kind of, not really) to admit I've gotten back into Vampire Diaries. (Elena can have Stefan, I'll take Damon please.) And it's even less often that I actually watch shows on a television and not on my computer screen. (With the exception of our American Horror Story Wednesday nights last fall).

But tonight's PUNK'd was special because my lovely and talented cousin Shanley was the one punking Josh Hutcherson.  I know- I can hear the fan girl screams now. (I say lovely and talented because I know that she reads these and I hope that if I butter her up enough she'll actually follow through on her promise to visit me before I graduate. Times a tickin, Shan! ;)

Shanley and Josh worked on an AMAZING movie together: Detention. If you've never heard of it, check out this shameless plug here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-oDz6x6102E And if you are in one of the select areas near theaters where it's showing, RUN don't walk to go see it. It's hysterical/fantastic/crazy/awesome/mind boggling. ...alright so I may be a little biased. ;)

Basically Shan and her roommate Kelsey (whom I also adore, and whom also must come visit) were driving to lunch with Josh and pretended that they were being followed. A bunch of my friends and I watched in Brodsky's room, all crammed onto her bed and in her chairs.  I also got a text from a teammate of mine who was doing the exact same thing. I was texting Shanley during the show, asking her when she'd gotten that new car (she hadn't, they used it for the show) and informing her that she was getting tons of viewage out here on the east coast. Their segment was on last, but all of us watched the whole thing- except for Brady who halfway through the show got a call from our friend Emi about a McDonalds run. She practically jumped out of the bed and ran outta the room. Should have asked her to get some fries...

After PUNK'd, I stuck around and watched a bit of The Pauly D Project. Sorry, Pauly D, but you're just not as fun to watch as my cousin. So here I am, back in my room, listening to the sounds of the Women's Ice Hockey Formal (next door in Bundy Dining Hall) as I stumble the internet, procrastinating falling asleep. Tomorrow is gonna be a long day.

Night everyone!