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Accepted Students Day!

April 17, 2012   

Tank top and flip flops? 90 degree weather? What's going on!?

The weather gods smiled kindly on Hamilton for Accepted Students day today. Campus was overflowing with people. Even my 9 am English class was overcrowded with visitors. After class I went out onto the main quad and brought out my laptop to do some research and people watch. Little known secret about the lampposts closest to Dunham? They actually have outlets on them. I know. I just blew your mind.

I signed up to give a Residence Hall tour this afternoon and had no idea that meant standing outside some one's room (who I didn't know) to talk about it. I got to show of a Dunham single which was pretty cool. I'd never seen one before and am thoroughly impressed. Potential room for next year? I think so.

After talking my face off for two hours, I went over to the turf to throw around some. We had a day off of lax which was glorious. After some quick throwing, I headed down to the village of Clinton to get my hair fixed.

A couple weeks ago over Spring Break we decided to dye my hair blonde after nothing more than a passing comment spoken out of boredom and a quick trip down to CVS. Every two weeks since, Martha and I have retouched my roots because my hair grows at an absurd rate. I'm not a particularly high maintenance person; in fact, pretty much anything above shampoo and conditioner is too much for me, so today I went to the salon to fix "that."

I was there for three hours.

Lesson learned: Color from a box leads to very expensive and long fixing process later.

But hey- I walked home tonight in shorts and a tank top at 11 at night. My windows are wide open right now. It's a beautiful day.

Hope all of you Accepted Students enjoyed yourselves!