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It's That Time Again

January 27, 2010   I'm back on the Hill, and ready to go after a nice long winter break.  Well, I guess this year, it wasn't really a break for me.  I spent a good majority of my month off continuing the vision research I started last summer at the University of Minnesota.  This made me feel more accomplished at break's end than the past two winter breaks in which I mostly sat on the couch and watched movies (although I magically fit some of that in this year, too). 

While at home, my parents and I went to Minnesota's Al-Ham (Alexander Hamilton) birthday party and mingled with alumni, current students, and future class of 2014 students.  It was pretty cool seeing so many people excited about Hamilton over 1,000 miles away from Clinton.

The party also made me miss Hamilton, and I was eager to go back.  For some odd reason, second semester classes start on MLK day, but the good part was that the entire week was full of MLK-related activities.  After failing miserably to get seats to the annual MLK-week play for two straight years, I got to go to this year's production of Ma Rainey's Black Bottom.  The whole feel of the event was super classy--we were treated to a delicious dinner, listened to live jazz music, and saw a thought-provoking show with a talented cast of student actors.

It's been a great start to the new semester--new classes, new pretty sweet suitemates (though I really miss my former suitemates who are now studying abroad), and new adventures to be had.  What's in store for this semester?  I have no idea...but I hope there will be cookies.