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Ode to the Writing Center

May 9, 2007   

This is what I just wrote in the tutor journal:


Well, I just had my last conference ever, and it was kind of anti-climactic because A, the paper was only six pages long and really good, so it took me like three seconds to read it and go over it, and B, no one is scheduled for my next slot.  Usually when that happens I'm like "YAY!  I get to do my homework and get PAID for it!"  But the thing is, I don't HAVE any homework... cause I'm DONE WITH COLLEGE.  If I didn't have three years of law school on the horizon, I'd be legitimately sad that I just wrote and handed in the final paper of my collegiate career.  Luckily I have MANY more to go.  I'm only being half sarcastic here-- I don't think I could ever take a job where writing was not an important element.  And I really learned a lot about writing at Hamilton, both in my courses and at the Writing Center.  And man, did I learn a lot about people, too.  Of course you see some people at their misspelled, grammatically-incorrect worst here, but then you also get people who truly learn from you and improve, and that's great to see.  Well, my hand hurts from writing this, so that's a good indication that I'm done here.  It's been a good run; I'll miss it.


So that was my entry and my official parting words to the Writing Center, which has been a source of grammatical and stylistic knowledge, candy, a second mom in our director, Sharon Williams, tons of paper for printing out those electronic reserve readings, $8.50 an hour, and a distraction-free environment for me to write those last-minute papers due at 4 PM.  Writing center:  you will be missed.