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I may or may not be panicking.

March 18, 2010   I have a problem. Besides the requirements for both of my majors, there are still so many courses I want to take. In a dream world, I would just stay until I took all of them, but I realize this is probably not realistic.

Actually, scratch that. There are still so many professors I need to have.

When you come to a school like this, word gets around quickly who to seek out and who to avoid. There are many professors who consistently get rave reviews, and most students who have taken classes with them go around saying that "you can't graduate from Hamilton without having taken a class with Professor X!" I like to heed these students' advice, even if it means being a freak and plotting out the academic trajectory of my last few years here.

Here's a sampling of some professors who (rumor has it) are really good at what they do (aka, I would need a time-turner like in Harry Potter if I were to attend all of their classes). I won't include professors I've already had: Professor of History Doug Ambrose, Professor of Anthropology Bonnie Urciuoli, Assistant Professor of Anthropology Chaise LaDousa, Professor of Classics Carl Rubino, Associate Professor of English Doran Larson, Assistant Professor of English Tina Hall, Professor of Music "Doc" Woods and many others! Almost every department here has a really famed professor as part of its faculty, and that means I'm going to struggle when it comes to deciding on a fourth class for the fall!