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On Cooper, Rivalries and Fist Pumps

January 20, 2011   Just before break ended, I started to read The Pioneers by James Fenimore Cooper. (For those of you who aren't familiar with Cooper, he grew up right down the road from Hamilton, and many of his books take place here in the Leatherstocking Region of New York.) At first, I thought my professor assigned it because it's a really important book in American literature, but as I started reading, I began to wonder if he had a hidden motive. After weeks of wasting away on my couch, what better way to prepare me to head back than have me read a book about winter in Upstate New York? Genius!

Oh! Exciting news: the first Trivia Night of the semester was the other night and my team and I won! The victory was kind of bittersweet though; I spent the last year-and-a-half with one team, but when this semester started, we had too many people to compete — some of us had to go! Yeah, it's like a bad soap opera plot or something, right? Bribery and name-calling ensued, and I ended up earning the oh-so-desired nickname "Judas." But of course, as soon as the competition was over we went right on back to being friends. Until next week, that is.

Okay, so that might sound a little ridiculous, but hey, trivia's just a big deal here. It does some crazy things to you. And besides, now we've established a friendly rivalry! I'm not too worried about that though; it's not like my team is going to lose ... EVER. (Prediction: Considering my luck and the talent on my former team, you'll see a happy little journal entry from Anna next week letting ya'll know that they beat us.)

P.S: During an ice-breaker exercise in class earlier this week, I was asked where I was from. Upon answering New Jersey, I saw my interviewer immediately respond with "Fist pump or no fist pump?" For the record, the answer is decidedly NO FIST PUMP. That's a North Jersey thing. All of New Jersey isn't weird, I promise!