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Ah, exam week

May 10, 2007   

Well, it’s exam week. In the past, my exam schedule has tended to be a little nicer than it is this year. I like balance, and this week there is very little. I had two exams on Tuesday, and I have my last exam on Saturday. I really don’t mind having to wait around until Saturday, though. The weather has been simply beautiful, and while I am eager to get home, I am just as eager to stick around a bit longer.

These last few days before I head home on Sunday will give me a chance to spend time with some good people I won’t see for a while. Most of my friends are going abroad next year, either for one semester or for the whole year. I plan on going to Ireland next spring, so if my friends are going abroad next fall or all of next year, I won’t be seeing them for a year and a half! That is really kind of a weird thought.

And then there are the seniors. While I am sure that this won’t be the last time I see the ones I am closest to, I will still be sad to see them graduate. Many of them have positively impacted my first two years at Hamilton. There are great advantages to having older friends, especially in college. They can direct you in simple ways by telling you which professors to good, letting you know where the best parties are, or maybe just giving you a lift into town. While such things are important, however, the true value of friendships with older students is the perspective they can offer. They know Hamilton better than you do. They have been where you are and have felt the same stresses.

As I prepare to begin my second half of college next year as a junior, I hope that I will be able to influence some younger students in the same manner I have been influenced. To the future students of Hamilton: make sure to meet older students. If they reach out to you, don’t pass up the opportunity. Your efforts can yield only positive benefits. And to the seniors: thank you, good luck, and enjoy your final days on the Hill.