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Neuroscience Lunch

December 9, 2009   This summer, I volunteered in a vision lab at the University of Minnesota.  It was an invaluable experience, and I was able to bring a little taste of what I did there to Hamilton.  Once a week, the entire lab (5-6 people) went out to lunch and discussed an article relating to some aspect of visual research.  In addition to staying updated on the current literature, the lunch was a way to bounce around research ideas and concerns.  With so many Hamilton students interested in neuroscience, I thought a similar type lunch would be a great way to read about cool neuroscience articles outside of the classroom context.

Enter Neuroscience Lunch a lunch in which students (and sometimes faculty) come to Commons Dining Hall to discuss an neuroscience article sent out earlier in the week (I know, creative title, right?). 

I started the group this fall at Hamilton, it's really simple to start a club about pretty much anything you're interested in (especially if the club does not require funding).  Throughout the semester, we've covered articles on a wide variety of topics--anything from schizophrenia to mind-wandering to the neuroscience of meditation.  Although we start talking about the specific article we read for that week, the conversation often tangents to interesting stories or experiment ideas related to the topic. 

Personally, I've enjoyed listening to the different perspectives from senior neuro majors to first-year Intro Psych or Bio students.  It has been a rewarding experience thus far, and I look forward to continuing it next semester.