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Marketa Irglova

February 17, 2012   

So about five days ago I found out that Marketa Irglova was coming to campus to play. I was instantly overjoyed! Hamilton continues to surprise me with its great selection of live acts. Marketa is something of a rarified choice but no less accomplished than Janelle Monae. The film Once, in which she stars with Glen Hansard, is one of the best music films I’ve ever seen. It is about the passion that music creates and believing in everything you can put into a song, even if it only captures a moment. This film means a lot to me, and so to have Marketa here to play was something I looked forward to all week.

And she did not let me down. The performance was absolutely beautiful. She had a new band together and was touring in support of her new album Anar, which I bought after the show. Her band was so cool and had a unique sound. Center stage was this beautiful female who sang mystic vocals and played an exotic drum. Halfway through she played a drum solo, and the crowd went wild. Everyone was really receptive to the unique sound Marketa’s band brought to the performance, and it was really one of the best musical experiences I’ve had at Hamilton.

The final song featured the amazing-exotic-drum-girl and Marketa diving into a mantra that slowly permeated throughout the whole crowd. It was a repetition of the phrase “On My Mind,” and was one of the most beautiful melodies I’ve ever heard. Marketa explained how it is a phrase to calm and forgive yourself for the hasty things we think and feel. It really was something that I needed, and the whole concert felt like a healing shower of water, yet it burned with the same kind of passion that permeates throughout Once. I will be listening to her album for weeks to come. Good thing too, because I needed some new music.